GuestLogix Steps Up Rail Sector Growth

GuestLogix Steps Up Rail Sector Growth

GuestLogix, Inc. (TSX:GXI) the leading global provider of onboard store technology to airlines and the passenger travel industry, has announced a partnership with Skytrac, a foodservice and distribution provider to rail and travel operators in the United Kingdom. The partnership will provide rail operators with a comprehensive, secure onboard transaction processing solution to grow sales and revenue opportunities, in addition to a merchandising platform that gives passengers access to more services and destination-related items.

“Further expansion into the rail sector is a logical and lucrative move for GuestLogix. With channel partner such as Skytrac, we can penetrate the rail market quickly and efficiently, and provide rail operators with the same onboard store technology that we have successfully implemented within the airline industry,” said Tom Douramakos, President and CEO of GuestLogix. “Skytrac represents a market opportunity of more than 100 million passenger trips per year, and because of our proven track record with airlines, rail operators are looking to us for the tools and technology they need to grow their onboard retail business.”

Providing Rail Operators with Tools to Grow Onboard Sales

Combining GuestLogix’ OnTouch® technology and merchandising platform with Skytrac’s catering services will streamline rail operators’ onboard retailing processes. The onboard retailing technology solution offers superior inventory management capabilities, enabling rail operators to identify purchasing patterns and the best product mixes based on individual traveller need and to better control inventory shrinkage. The solution can also create additional sales opportunities for rail operators through GuestLogix’ OnTouch® merchandising platform, which includes a selection of destination-based products and services such as ground transportation, entertainment, shopping, and more.

Rail operators can now accept new payment methods like debit or credit cards in a secure environment that is certified by UK – APACS. As such, average sales transactions through credit cards are expected to increase by more than 50% over cash-based transactions, according to GuestLogix research. However, rail operators still face a major challenge in credit card acceptance – losing connectivity. This is something the GuestLogix solution can overcome. By processing transactions in both real-time and offline environments, or “delayed real-time,” GuestLogix enables operators to process credit card payments in any environment.


“The partnership with GuestLogix is a new and exciting progression, enhancing the services provided by the Skytrac Group. GuestLogix gives us an advanced technological solution that spans from warehouse to railway carriage to passenger,” said Peter Whittaker, Managing Director of Skytrac. “Enabling the sale of products and services through secure payment methods, and creating a consistent experience for our clients and their rail passengers, GuestLogix’ OnTouch® technology and merchandising platform provides us with real-time analytics to quickly identify customer preferences so that rail operators can avoid unnecessary inventory and shrinkage. We can determine exactly what passenger want and need – not just what is available onboard at that time.”

The addition of GuestLogix’ retail and merchandising platform will allow Skytrac to adapt quickly to changes in logistics and identify a wider range of sales opportunities, and through the partnership, GuestLogix and Skytrac expect to see a significant increase in both transaction and average transaction values. GuestLogix forecasts a sizeable demand from other rail operators in the UK and Europe once the OnTouch® platform is fully integrated into Skytrac’s operations.