Green Globe re-certifies Blue Horizons Garden Hotel in Grenada

Green Globe re-certifies Blue Horizons Garden Hotel in Grenada

California - Blue Horizons Garden Resort in Grenada has been re-awarded the coveted Green Globe Certification for continuing to operate with the highest environmental standards. The resort has continued its ongoing commitment to operate as a sustainable hotel property throughout the past year, reducing its overall energy consumption by 5%, water consumption by 9%, and waste by 15%. The property also underwent an energy and water audit exercise in February 2011 under the Caribbean Hotel Energy Efficient Action program to identify areas for further improvement.

“As a Grenadian-owned business, we are particularly keen to support our local community. We believe passionately in the ability of local businesses to be able to make a difference in our environment,” said Arnold Hopkin, the resort’s owner, “Despite the obstacles faced by the tourism industry lately, Blue Horizons’ dedicated staff and conscientious guests have helped maintain the resort’s status as an environmentally-responsible property. We take pride in receiving this honor from Green Globe and are grateful to be recognized for our efforts.”

Blue Horizons Garden Resort has implemented the following measures to minimize its environmental impact:

• The creation of a fully-organic composting heap
• Introduction of water-saving toilets in all of the rooms
• Installation of solar water heating systems in all of the rooms, restaurant, and laundry facilities
• Placement of energy-saving light bulbs in 98% of the hotel
• Installation of a chemical-free Auto Pilot system, which utilizes salt instead of chlorine to purify the swimming pool
• Use of ECOLAB environmentally-friendly chemicals in the housekeeping department
• The creation of more garden beds above existing soil so that more plants can thrive
• Planting of more drought-resistant flora so less water is used during dry season
• Guest involvement in various capacities such as the establishment of a towel reuse program, asking guests to separate garbage into appropriate bins (with instructions provided in all rooms) and requesting that guests turn off the air-conditioner when leaving rooms
• Staff training program in every department to ensure the highest possible health and hygiene standards
• Recycling of paper in the front and back offices
• Sustainable purchasing policies and practices in place with a commitment to supporting the local community

In addition to running the resort sustainably, Blue Horizons has also participated in various other green initiatives. In the past year alone, staff members of the resort have attended an energy management seminar convened by the Grenada Electric Company; participated in the annual Ocean Conservancy Coastal Clean Up in June 2011; assisted the Grenada Wildlife Conservations to execute a program on education, conservation, and outreach for a local youth club; and assisted in clearing and cleaning out the ditches and drains in the Grand Anse area for World Environmental Day.