Green Globe certifies Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong and Cosmo Hotel Mongkok, China

Green Globe certifies Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong and Cosmo Hotel Mongkok, China

Green Globe announced certification of Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong and Cosmo Hotel Mongkok in Hong Kong, China. The Cosmo Hotels scored 83 percent (Hong Kong) and 85 percent (Mongkok) compliance against the Green Globe Standard for Sustainable Travel and Tourism. Both properties have implemented a variety of initiatives to assume social responsibility and reduce energy and water consumption, as well as waste.

Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong, a Wan Chai hotel situated on the Hong Kong island, and Cosmo Hotel Mongkok, a Mongkok hotel on the Kowloon peninsula, have installed energy-efficient lighting and are re-designing amenities in guests rooms, for example installing soap dispensers to reduce the use of disposable items. The properties encourage guests to reuse towels and linens, and provide a complimentary shuttle bus with various routes to multiple destinations, catering to the needs of both leisure and business travelers. The schedule is based on demand. Both Cosmo Hotels are also 100 percent smoke free to ensure a healthy environment for guests and staff.

To support the local community, both properties provide internship programs, which showcase the hotel industry as a career opportunity. Through the internal “One Family Program,” family members – mostly children or teenagers – of hotel staff can experience the work environment of the respective parent. Furthermore, the Cosmo Hotels offer internships for disadvantaged teenagers in collaboration with Sheng Kung Hui St. Christopher´s home. The short-term trainings give an opportunity to gain insight into different departments of the hotel and include interview sessions in role-play in which the interns can learn and practice job interview skills.

Anita Chan, General Manager of Cosmo Hotels, said: “Social responsibility has been and will continue to be a priority for us. We are proud and honored to be part of the impressive work of S.K.H. St. Christopher´s Home, which is the largest non-governmental organization in Hong Kong providing small group home service, pre-primary education, and more for children who lack adequate family care. For us, it is extremely important to contribute to local youth development and provide opportunities for less fortunate teenagers. The young people of today are the future of our planet.”

“As one of the largest industries, the tourism sector uses a huge amount of the world´s precious resources every day. Therefore, it is a necessary step for hotels to embrace ‘green’ policies to save our planet. Our support is indeed substantial. We also have to ensure that the importance of sustainability is passed on to our guests,” added Ms. Chan.


Green Globe Certification´s CEO, Guido Bauer, said: “The two certified Cosmo Hotels raise awareness among hotel guests by installing ‘Love our globe’ hooks in bathrooms, for towels that guests would like to reuse. A ‘Green Book’ features all sustainable operations of the hotel, as well as opportunities to educate guests and invite them to participate in ‘green’ activities.”