Global Tourism Vacation Forum 2009 held in China, Shangri-la

Global Tourism Vacation Forum 2009 held in China, Shangri-la

76 years ago, the British writer James Hilton wrote “Lost Horizon,” a book of beautiful writing that depicted to the world an idyllic vacation resort paradise full of dreams and poetry—Shangri-La. On November 9th, 2009, the Global Tourism Vacation Forum 2009 is being held in a Shangri-La Resort prototype—the China Diqing Shangri-La.

The theme of the forum is “enter into a New Era of Vacation Tourism,” which is declaring, “a new era for vacation tourism to experience original, natural ecological beauty and taste of unique cultures has arrived!”

Guests and journalists from China, Greece, South Korea, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Oman, Chile, Turkey, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Hungary, Peru, Pakistan, Malaysia and other 22 countries participated in the forum.

At the Forum opening ceremony, Governor Chen Jianguo Diqing announced to the world: Our goal is to build Diqing to become the world’s top tourist resort, and Shangri-La to become the world’s tourism treasure, so that “Shangri-La really becomes the world’s Shangri-La!”

The Global Tourism Vacation Forum is founded by International Tourism Marketing Association, which is the grand international annual conference. is the only authorized operating agency and contact for live media to the world. China’s CCTV, People’s Daily, People, Xinhuanet, Zhongxin News Agency, Guangming Daily, CRI, CNR, China Tourism News 10 mainstream media and Malaysian National News Agency, Associated Press of Pakistan, Nepal’s National News Agency, and Chile’s National Television from 12 foreign news agencies were represented at the Forum to report.