Global cruise company MSC hire brand sense agency to bring customers a truly groundbreaking brand ex

Global cruise company MSC hire brand sense agency to bring customers a truly groundbreaking brand ex

Global cruise company MSC is today announcing the launch of the world’s first fully fragranced, sensory branded ship. Earlier this year MSC Cruises commissioned BRAND sense agency to develop and implement a brand signature fragrance. The fragrance ‘MED by MSC’ was specifically designed to add a multi-sensory level of engagement to the cruise experience at every customer touch-point, particularly the onboard experience. In July 2009, the MSC Splendida was christened and launched as the first fully fragranced, sensory branded ship of the fleet; everything from toiletries to laundry softener carried the ‘MED by MSC’ fragrance. MSC Cruises, industry leaders in so many ways, have once again led the way by being first to create a brand signature fragrance and promote a truly multi-sensory experience.

Perception mapping techniques were used by BRAND sense in order to identify the aroma building blocks that represented each of the brand values. This was to ensure a brand fragrance was developed that fully and authentically embodied the brand. The MATTER™ methodology was employed to ensure that the fragrance developed was distinctive to allow brand association, suitable for all applications and desired touch points and of course to create maximum appeal to their target audience.

There is an array of functional fragrances onboard any cruise ship- which can include anything from toiletries to cleaning and laundry products.  In order to ensure that BRAND sense could actively manage the dispersal of the new fragrance it was necessary to ensure that it wasn’t mixed with the other ‘off brand’ fragrances. Brand Sense worked with MSC Cruises’ suppliers - to substitute the ‘MED by MSC’ fragrance into the existing cleaning and toiletry products. MSC Cruises is the industry leader in being environmentally friendly, therefore the fragrance and all applications had to meet the strictest ‘eco’ and ‘clean label’ guidelines.

Established in 2006 by Sensory Marketing guru Simon Harrop, BRAND sense are the global experts in sensory marketing, specialising in sensory retail, space consultancy and product development. Sensory Marketing means using the full range of senses to influence decisions taken by both the consumer’s conscious and non-conscious mind. Sensory Marketing is now used across the globe by companies such as Nestle, McDonalds, Unilever, and Glaxo Smith Kline.

Simon Harrop explains “Whenever we encounter a product, an advert, a shop or a brand we have a sensory experience. Brands know this and they care deeply about that brand perception, in fact each year billions of dollars are invested in creating and improving that perception. But traditionally the investment, thought, energy and time have been focused only on sight and sound. What about the other senses of touch, smell and taste?”


“Our client Alexa Aponte Vago, had a multi-sensory experience when she walked into a luxurious hotel one day. She was immediately aware of a wonderful fragrance and was surprised at the effect it created. She found it personally uplifting and it immediately enhanced her perception of the hotel. Alexa happened to mention it to MSC Cruises Head of Corporate Marketing Daniela Picco who immediately understood the powerful emotional connection the fragrance had created with the hotel brand, and was inspired to apply it into the cruise industry. This is when Daniela approached BRAND sense”.

Daniela Picco explained: “In my own travels, I have memories that are strongly associated with the scent of a place. BRAND sense allowed me to apply this association to the MSC Cruises experience. The fragrance that they created entirely encapsulates our values and reflects all the fun and excitement of our luxury cruise holidays. Not only does the scent enhance the customer experience during the cruise, but will stay with them forever as a sensory trigger to fond MSC Cruises memories”.