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GermanWings offers best seats in the house

GermanWings offers best seats in the house

Passengers on GermanWings can now travel in particular comfort in the front seats of the plane following the installation of new seats across the low-cost airline’s entire fleet means.

The development means the first ten rows in each aircraft now offer a particularly spacious seat pitch.

The “Best Seat” can be booked for a surcharge of €15.

The Best Seat, which is also specially marked on the aircraft, can be booked with immediate effect on the website or through the Germanwings call centre.

Best Seat is included in Germanwings’ Best tariff, which includes a seat reservation, one item of luggage as well as a snack and beverage on board, all at a special ‘bundled’ price.

By booking using Germanwings’ Best tariff customers can save up to 35 per cent compared with booking the additional services included in this tariff individually.

When booking, the Best tariff can be found in the centre column in the display of flight prices at, and by opting for this special tariff customers can further upgrade their flight experience with the low-cost airline at a price which offers outstanding value for money.