Germany welcomes surging visitor figures

Germany welcomes surging visitor figures

Between January and April 2015, almost 20 million overnight stays were generated in Germany by international visitors, according to the latest figures from the Federal Statistical Office.

That’s 800,000 more overnights than in the same period the year prior – a total increase of 4.3 percent.

The figure includes accommodation providers with ten or more beds as well as camp grounds.

The numbers for the UK market were even better: a total of 1,400,847 overnights were recorded for this time period, representing an increase of 6.7 per cent year-on-year.

Petra Hedorfer, chief executive of the German National Tourist Board explained: “We see a continuous increase in the popularity of Germany as a travel destination.


“In each of the first four months of the year, we were able to improve on the previous year’s numbers.

“Especially the emerging Asian markets, such as China, have been strengthening the German incoming numbers significantly.

“In addition, South American countries – particularly Brazil as the most important incoming market for Germany from this region – recorded double digit growth.”

The ten most important European markets for German incoming tourism remain almost unchanged: The Netherlands continue to be Destinations Germany’s most important source market, maintaining their 2014 level with 2.2 million overnights through April.

Swiss travellers to Germany continue to benefit from the strong Swiss Francs compared with the Euro, helping them achieve a plus of 10.3 per cent.