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German press updates German holidaymakers on dream destination of Seychelles

German press updates German holidaymakers on dream destination of Seychelles

Clever Reisen has come out with glowing accounts of a Seychelles dream holiday. This latest account is only one in a long series of press reports that has recently hit the newsstands accross Germany opening the mid-ocean creole island to the big German tourism market.

Seychelles has always been the dream holiday destination for Europeans. Since the last two years, the Seychelles Tourism Board has gone on the offensive to break the perception that these islands remained expensive and only for the “peoples” of the world. Holding press conferences in most capital cities, Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, has said that Seychelles remains, by virtue of its idyllic location, a holiday destination with a difference.

“The diversity of our islands comprising of both the hilly granitic islands and the flat coral islands, the diversity of the Seychellois people, our unique cuisine, our flora and fauna, diving and big game fishing, etc., remain our unique selling points, but we also have today the whole range of holiday accommodation establishments from the upmarket one island, one hotel island resorts, to most of the known and respected brand resorts, to the home-grown Seychellois establishments that offers the affordable Seychelles concept,” said Alain St.Ange at his last press briefing in Germany.

Seychelles is one tourism destination whose economy relies entirely on tourism. Alain St.Ange reacts to this by simply saying that this is why Seychelles is leading the way in great holidays, because Seychelles is not allowed to let itself fail with its tourism industry that it so depends on. “Our President, Mr. James Michel, has launched his own vision for our industry, which is covered in our own brand of tourism known as the ‘Seychelles Brand.’ Through this brand we offer what is today known as personalized tourism. We are a safe destination in a troubled world and have been able to protect our environment and nature as serious and committed custodians of our unique natural assets,” said Alain St.Ange.

Seychelles remains the playing ground for most of the rich and famous. Kings and emirs, princes and dukes, Hollywood stars and sports prsonalities, music legends and succesful business personalities all descend on Seychelles for their break away from it all and in total privacy from the prying eyes of journalists and photographers. The Seychelles Tourism Board advocates the policy of privacy for all visitors, and this concept is accepted as the norm in Seychelles.


Seychelles is recording an 8% increase in visitor arrival numbers so far this year over the same period as last year.