Ganges Cruise with Rv Bengal Pandaw reconfirmed

Ganges Cruise with Rv Bengal Pandaw reconfirmed

EXOTIC Hospitality Management team and Pandaw Cruises (India) Pvt Ltd., the Operator of Rv BENGAL Pandaw, re-confirm “The Ganges Cruise” 2010/2011 Season (15 Days on Tour) and unveil the New Program Season 2011-2012 (13 Days on Tour) brochure. Shorter cruises are now also available.

Rv Bengal Pandaw operated the first Ganges passenger cruise in well over 100 years on September 28, 2009 and successfully completed other 9 scheduled cruises till March 31, 2009.

From an uncertain explorative start, their maiden voyage mistakes have allowed them to hone the Bengal Pandaw Experience. They now have a fully-trained crew, improved cuisine, and excellent housekeeping. The Bengal Pandaw Experience, with the knowledge and enrichment given by the Mother Ganga herself, gives clients the elegance of travel with the cultural and spiritual growth that is offered by this unique catchment. The journey is the destination.


Rv Bengal Pandaw was designed as a replica of the colonial style “Clyde”
steamers that at the height of Empire trudged through swamps and far flung deltas. Shining teak and brass-lined state rooms opening onto similarly-equipped promenade decks with rattan sitting areas. The 28 state rooms today can still ensure a fantastically comfortable and elite traveling style.


“Improvements” to meet today’s needs such as the saloon bar, dining room, and observation deck are crucial facets of enhancing what otherwise would be long distance road travel, that can be arduous and frustrating at the best of times.

CRUISE THE GANGES - “God’s Own River”

Covering 1200 kms, the routing offers a sumptouous feast of cultural and historical precedence: Kolkata, Chandernagore, Bandel with British, French, and Portuguese architecture, terracotta temples at Kalna, Murshidabad, with it’s Moghul Palaces, museums, and mosques, Raj Mahal and the Moghul monuments, the Munger School of Yoga, Nalanda, Vikramshila the 8th century ancient Buddhist University, Bodh Gaya where Siddhartha Gautama attained enlightenment, Patna museum, Sarnath, and the oldest living city in the world Varanasi, like the Ganges, the list is long and rich.


15 Days on Tour

11 (12 downstream) nights on Bengal Pandaw and 3 (2 downstream) nights in Hotels

09 departure dates from September 27, 2010 to March 28, 2011

- Guided tour of historic Calcutta and Chandernagore - the former French colony
- Rickshaw tour of Kalna’s ancient terracotta temples
- Tour of Matiari - known for manufacturing handcrafted brass utensils
- Visit the Hazarduari Palace in Murshidabad
- Tour of Raj Mahal - former capital of Bengal founded in 1592
- Private visit to the Vikramshila University in Bateshwarsthan
- Cruise through the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin sanctuary
- Visits Nalanda
- Tour of Rajgir - the first capital of the Magadha Empire
- Visits Patna and Bodhagaya
- Tour of Varanasi and Sarnath