Fuenso Expands into Syria and Lebanon

Fuenso Expands into Syria and Lebanon

Fuenso, parent company of the Barcelona-based Hospes Infinite Places, has announced an expansion plan for development throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  Fuenso has engaged in agreements for two new Hospes hotel developments in Beirut and Damascus and one Bodyna Wellness Centre & Spa launch, also in Beirut, which are scheduled to open in 2012.

The announcement positions Hospes Infinite Places as the first Spanish luxury boutique hotel operator to enter the Middle East and it is anticipated that further developments will include expansion into the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Egypt and North Africa.

Hospes Infinite Places currently operates nine luxury hotels in Spain and France including Cordoba, Mallorca, Paris and Madrid. In addition, the company has further impending developments in the pipeline that will double the room portfolio within the next two years.

Also under the Fuenso brand, Quilibra Hotels launched its first hotel in Ibiza in March 2009. Quilibra Hotels are modern, urban hotels, which combine technology with a strong ecological stance, employing the latest eco-design techniques to create natural and soothing environs.

Fuenso is a wellbeing group offering healthy and authentic experiences, now not only in Europe but soon to also be across the Middle East. The group is fully committed to building on its strengths, as consolidated in Spain, through its observation of traditions, its care for heritage buildings and commitment to maintaining social and cultural richness.