Four Seasons Macao Appoints Chinese Culinary Master Ho Pui Yung

Four Seasons Macao Appoints Chinese Culinary Master Ho Pui Yung

Zi Yat Heen, the Chinese restaurant of Four Seasons Hotel Macao, Cotai Strip ®, is the only Chinese restaurant awarded two stars in the Michelin Hong Kong Macau Guide for the last two consecutive years. Building on this success, Four Seasons Hotel Macao has recently invited Chef Ho Pui Yung, a Chinese culinary master coming from Hong Kong, to lead the best Chinese chefs in town to satisfy the most discerning taste buds.

“Chinese cuisine is an exalted form of art. A soothing and sensual Cantonese cuisine illustrates the chemistry between presentation, aroma, texture and flavours. We insist on not simplifying the steps of traditional preparation, because we know missing a minor step can make a big difference,” says Chef Ho Pui Yung, now Executive Sous Chef, Chinese Kitchen of Four Seasons Hotel Macao.

Chef Ho is a native of Hong Kong. He was brought up in a family restaurant business, developing his interest in cooking as a young boy before declaring his intention to be a chef when he graduated from secondary school. In 1974, he started his career as a Chinese chef. Since then, he has worked his way up in different restaurants in Hong Kong and earned his wealth of experience. In 1989, Chef Ho brought his expertise to The Peninsula Hong Kong, taking up the position of Executive Sous Chef of the Chinese Kitchen. Thanks to his outstanding leadership and performance, he was further promoted to the Executive Chef position in the same year, and remained there for 17 years before announcing his retirement in 2006.

Although retired from daily kitchen duties, Chef Ho remained very devoted to bringing new blood to the industry. In 2000, he accepted an invitation from the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute to be one of the founding members of its training committee. Together with other celebrity members in the committee, including Dr. Annie Suk-ching Wu and Yeung Koon Yat, Chef Ho contributed to the design of different training modules in the Institute.

Chef Ho has never stopped showing his passion in Chinese culinary arts as he has continued to contribute his expertise in the industry by providing consultancy in food development for the business of his close friend, the founder of the restaurant group Tao Heung Holdings Limited.


In 2011, Four Seasons Hotel Macao successfully convinced Chef Ho to come back to the kitchen, this time in the fast changing city of Macau, as the new mastermind behind the Chinese culinary offering of the Hotel.