Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok Launches New Thai Cocktail Menu

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok Launches New Thai Cocktail Menu

But what does one drink in Bangkok? Up until now, there hasn’t really been a signature cocktail. So the teams of Aqua and The Lobby lounge at Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok have come up with a menu of new Thai cocktails to tempt the tastebuds of visitors and residents alike. Made with fresh Thai fruits and ingredients typically used in traditional Thai cuisine, the new cocktails are full of irresistible tropical flavours and some surprising taste sensations. So come and sample them all, and help the team put Thailand’s new must-try drinks on the map.

The new Thai cocktails are:

Tom Yum Siam - A refreshing icy blend of vodka infused with lemongrass, chili and kaffir lime and mixed with Malibu, lychees and lime juice, this cocktail turns all of the flavours associated with Tom Yum soup into a delicious, slightly spicy drink.

Mango Sticky Rice - A liquid take on the most popular Thai dessert, this deliciously fruity cocktail blends rice vodka, Malibu, juicy fresh mango and fresh Thai lemon then tops it with a slice of mango, sesame and a swirl of coconut cream.

Tangerine Lemon - This is a thirst-quenching long drink combining vodka, Cointreau, fresh Thai tangerine juice, fresh Thai lemon juice, a hint of vanilla syrup and a dash of orange bitters.


Maekhong Kran - It’s a blend of cranberry-infused local Thai Maekhong whiskey and sweet Vermouth, Campari, fresh Thai tangerine and blood orange syrup.

Thai Tang Mou - A cooling mix of local Thai Bangyikhon rum, fresh lemon juice, fresh ginger juice and watermelon, topped with lemonade and basil and perfectly refreshing for a hot summer day in Bangkok.

Chilli Bloody Mary - This is the perfect cocktail for spice lovers. Home-made vodka infused with Thai spices blended with smoked tomato juice, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and salt and pepper. A spicy start to an evening - or to the morning after the night before.

The new Thai cocktails are available now in the tropical garden setting of Aqua and at The Lobby lounge bar.