First overseas holiday age fallen by 10 Years

First overseas holiday age fallen by 10 Years

A new study by the UK’s fastest growing online independent travel agent has revealed that the age that British children first go on an overseas holiday has fallen by 10 years when compared to the age that their parents first went on a holiday abroad.

Research by one of the UK’s leading online independent travel agents has provided insight into the age at which children in Britain first go on a holiday abroad. The study found that the average age for children has fallen by an average of 10 years, when compared directly to that of their parents when they first went abroad. carried out the poll as part of research into the ever-changing holiday habits of Britons. 1,811 UK parents were subsequently polled, each of whom had previously taken their children abroad on holiday at some point. Respondents were asked questions about the age at which they first went abroad, and the age their children were when they first took them abroad on holiday.

When asked, ‘How old were you when you first went on a holiday abroad?’ the average age stated by the parents polled was ’13 years old’. When asked to name the destination they were first taken to on holiday abroad, the most common answer was ‘Spain’ with 54% of the parents claiming that this was the place they had visited when first going abroad.

The respondents were then asked similar questions, but this time in relation to their children and their holiday experiences. When asked ‘How old was your first child when you took them on holiday abroad for the first time?’ the average age stated by parents was ‘3 years old’, meaning the average age has fallen by 10 years between generations.


The parents were then asked where in the world they had taken their child on their first holiday abroad and the most common destination was also ‘Spain’, something which 62% of the parents stated.

The parents taking part were also asked why they believed children were being taken abroad on holiday at a younger age in this day and age, to which a third, 32%, said that they thought it was due to ‘better deals’ being available from travel agents now.

Chris Brown, co-founder of, commented on the findings: 

“I think we expected the average age for first holidays to have fallen slightly, but 10 years is a very significant drop. I think holidays have become a more vital part of people’s lives now and many people aren’t willing to miss the opportunity to go abroad, whether they’ve started a family or not.

“It’s great to be able to give your children an unforgettable holiday experience from a young age and I’d agree that there are better deals around now. Despite the somewhat difficult financial situations that many have found themselves in over recent years, with the recession and inflation, holidays are still much more affordable than they were in past decades. There are always great deals to be found for families, making it much easier to give children their first experience of shores overseas.”