Fighter jet shot down in Benghazi

A fighter jet has been shot down in Western Benghazi, in spite of a declared ceasefire and UN no-fly resolution.

Meanwhile the Libyan Government claims it is honouring this ceasefire and denies launching any attacks. According to reports, following the ceasefire there was a battle in the city centre which led to 25 deaths.

Gaddafi’s forces are attempting to surround Benghazi, where tanks have been reported in residential areas

The world is increasing pressure for Colonal Gaddafi to retreat from Northern Libya, or else face an international strike.

A new UN resolution has called for “all necessary measures” to protect Libyan civilians.


English Prime Minister David Cameron is in Paris meeting to discuss action. Discussing next step in what could be a campaign in Libya.

Military intervention is expected to be launched. RAF aircraft are being prepared to take part in the proposed ‘no fly zone’ in Libya.

Qatar and the United Arab Emirates were expected to play a role in securing the resolution.