Fifth of cruisers ‘never’ leave the ship

 Fifth of cruisers ‘never’ leave the ship

An independent cruise comparison website has conducted research into the habits of serial cruisers and revealed that, while 32 per cent ‘always’ leave the ship when it docks at different locations, a fifth ‘never’ step foot on dry land during the cruise.

In a bid to discover more about Britain’s serial cruisers, a new study by a recently launched independent cruise comparison website has looked at the holiday preferences of frequent cruisers; revealing that almost a fifth, 18 per cent, of Britons that cruise ‘never’ leave the ship.

The poll, conducted by, was part of research to explore the holiday habits of Britain’s serial cruisers.

The study asked 1,006 cruisers to share their holiday preferences whilst on a cruise holiday.

Respondents to the study were initially asked the question, ‘Do you leave the ship when it docks at different ports?’ A fifth, 18 per cent, answered ‘never’, while a third, 32 per cent, stated that they ‘always’ leave the cruise liner to experience the different locations visited.


Respondents were then asked to state the reasons why they choose to either stay on board the cruise liner, or venture on to land at different ports.

Some 28 per cent of those who admitted to ‘never’ leaving the ship stated that it was because of ‘the range activities on board’, while a further nine per cent admitted to not leaving the ship because of ‘disliking mainland food’.

The majority, 32 per cent, of those who ‘never’ leave the ship explained that it was due to the ‘extra cost involved’ with visiting mainland attractions.

Almost half, 49 per cent, of the respondents that admitted to ‘always’ leaving the cruise liner when it docks, stated that they do so to experience ‘different cultures’. A tenth, 11 per cent, explained that they ‘always’ leave the ship in order to ‘meet the locals’. 

In contrast, the majority of total respondents to the study, 60 per cent, explained that it ‘depends on the location’ as to whether or not they leave the cruise liner when it docks.

Danielle Fear, managing director of, sad: “Most people who enjoy cruises tend to enjoy different aspects of the holiday experience.

“Although some prefer to visit different locations, meet the locals and try the traditional food; others choose a cruise holiday for the sea views, the luxury and activities offered onboard and the relationships that are formed with fellow cruisers.”