FCO advises against travel to all of Yemen

FCO advises against travel to all of Yemen

The Foreign Office is ‘strongly urging’ British nationals to leave Yemen while commercial carriers are still flying, amid a terrorism warning which will see the two-day closure of its embassy.

It also advising against ‘all travel to Yemen’ due to “increased security concerns”.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has warned: “If you don’t leave the country now while commercial carriers are still flying it is extremely unlikely that the British government will be able to evacuate you or provide consular assistance.

“The situation in Yemen remains volatile with continuing unrest and violent clashes. The threat of an escalation of violence and disorder remains.

“If you travel to Yemen against our advice, you should regularly reassess your security and plan any movements around the country carefully.


The provision of close security protection and/or a military escort is extremely important for those working and moving around in Yemen.

“There is a high threat from terrorism throughout Yemen. Terrorists continue to threaten further attacks.

“There is a very high threat of kidnap from armed tribes, criminals and terrorists. Be particularly vigilant during Ramadan, when tensions could be heightened.”

The British Embassy is operating with only essential staff. A further temporary draw-down of some staff has taken place due to increased security concerns. The British Embassy in Sana’a will be closed on 4 - 5 August as a precautionary measure.