FCM Connect launched to business travel managers

FCM Connect launched to business travel managers

FCM Travel Solutions is taking its technology offering to new levels with the launch of FCM Connect, an innovative, next-generation suite of interconnected business travel tools.

The global travel management company has invested significantly in research and development of new and enhanced proprietary and best-in-class solutions to create a complete travel resource that transforms the user’s experience, whether booker, traveller or manager.

The gateway to FCM Connect is ‘HUB’, a single sign-on connection point to multiple tools and resources, from pre-trip approval and booking, to traveller tracking and reporting.

The new HUB interface is designed for easy interaction and can be accessed via PC, tablet or mobile device.

HUB’s dashboard can be personalised in design and configuration for use by travel bookers, managers or travellers, giving each user visibility of the information that is relevant to them.


HUB connects the user to the following eight integrated new or evolutionary FCM-owned technology tools and superior third-party solutions.

These can be tailored globally, regionally or locally to suit an organisation’s exact travel programme requirements.

“We believe technology should move our customers forward, and the next generation release of our technology offering, FCM Connect, is designed to do just that,” said Marcus Eklund, global general manager, FCM Travel Solutions.

“After extensive client consultation, we have channelled the results into product development and refined our end-to-end solutions to give travellers, bookers and managers the optimum framework that addresses their respective desires to be more connected to the entire booking, travel and management process.

“However, FCM Connect also supports our clients across the spectrum of their travel programme priorities, from cost reduction strategies and data compliance to duty of care responsibilities and global, regional or national fulfilment.”