Explore returns to south-east Asia for holidays in Burma

Explore returns to south-east Asia for holidays in Burma

After a 16-year absence, Explore has announced the reintroduction of tours to Burma.

Returning to the country with gusto, 12 departure dates will be offered for a two week tour, over a six-month period from November.

A further three-week holiday and family trip will be featured in Explore’s new brochure, released in the autumn.

Featuring highly on a lot of people’s wish lists, there have been a number of false alarms about the reintroduction of tourism to the country over the last few years.

However, on each of these occasions Explore took its advice from Burma Campaign UK, who assured the company that the boycott was still in place.

Explore’s return to the country has been with the endorsement of Burma Campaign UK and the company continues to follow their guidelines closely.

As per the appeals of Burmese pro-democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, the adventure travel specialist will not be using junta-owned hotels, flights or other services.

Everything will be done to minimise customer contact with the government as much as possible.

Ashley Toft, managing director of Explore, commented: “With the confirmed relaxation of the boycott, we look forward to offering interesting and competitively priced tours in this fascinating country.

“Rich in colonial history, it is almost as if Burma has been left in a time-warp.

“Largely untouched by tourism, it currently offers just 9,000 hotel beds.”

He continued: “In a recent interview for the BBC’s Reith Lectures, Aung San Suu Kyi encouraged (tourism) institutions to help the people of Burma, while conserving its environment.

“As one of the first UK operators to return to the country, we want to make sure that we act appropriately and responsibly for the benefit of the Burmese people and our customers.”