ExpertFlyer launches Seat Alerts app

ExpertFlyer launches Seat Alerts app has announced that Seat Alerts will now be available as a free iPhone and iPad app.

The new app will allow travellers interested in changing their middle seat to a window or aisle seat to create, manage, and receive alerts and updates using their iPhone or iPad without the need to log onto ExpertFlyer’s website.

Travellers can also register for their free Seat Alerts account through Facebook, if they wish.

Seat Alerts is an travel information tool offering complete and efficient ways to access the changing details of worldwide air travel information.

Available exclusively through ExpertFlyer, Seat Alerts will also allow travellers to set an alert on a flight that is completely booked and will alert them if a seat becomes available on that flight.

ExpertFlyer’s Seat Alerts feature currently monitors more than 130 airline carriers worldwide.

Additional information and screen shots illustrating how the new Seat Alerts iOS app works, is available on ExpertFlyer’s blog.

“Today’s mobile consumer does not always have access to a computer to conduct extensive searches and other detailed research, but many do have immediate access to their iPhones or iPads,” explained Chris Lopinto, president and co-founder of ExpertFlyer.

“Our Seat Alerts app completely removes the need to visit our website to set up a Seat Alert and allows travellers to create and manage their alerts from anywhere.

“Whether it’s from their hotel room or in the back of a cab on their way to the airport, the Seat Alerts app makes it even more convenient to secure a more desirable seat on your next flight.”

How it Works

Today, securing seating assignments for flights requires passengers to have a ticket and restricts seat selection to only unoccupied seats.

Passengers hoping to find a different seat would typically wait until check-in at the airport and hope a more desirable seat is available.

ExpertFlyer’s Seat Alerts changes that.

Seat Alerts now allows ticketed and non-ticketed passengers to set up an automatic alert that notifies them if occupied seats become available.

Using ExpertFlyer’s free Seat Alerts app, passengers can select “Any Aisle”, “Any Window”, or “Any Seat” options and will automatically be notified if their desired seat becomes available on their flight, after which the passenger can change their seat assignment via their point of booking, such as the airline carrier’s website.