Experience Tranquil Bali at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

Experience Tranquil Bali at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

New Balinese Massage at The Spa promises full-body relaxation in the heart of Midtown Atlanta.

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta adds to its repertoire a new treatment that incorporates Indonesian, Chinese, Indian and traditional Western techniques and scents. The Spa has permanently dedicated one of its nine treatment rooms exclusively to the Balinese Massage, transforming it into an exotic retreat.

Therapists at The Spa will perform the Balinese Massage with the guest’s choice of aromatherapy scent; the Bali Flower scent features the essence of the ylang ylang flower and is specifically designed to be used during this massage. Fresh Asian flowers adorn the room and massage table, and a traditional foot wash with passion fruit and jasmine flower extracts begins the therapeutic and cleansing treatment.

The Balinese Massage is a full-body, deep tissue massage that includes a variety of stretching, acupressure, reflexology and aromatherapy techniques that are hundreds of years old to create a deep and powerful relaxation of the entire body. As most Eastern massages do, this treatment incorporates a rhythmic combination of firm, deep pressure, muscle kneading and skin rolling to incorporate both Eastern and Western traditions into the therapy. The Indonesian music, along with the aromatic scent and the deeply relaxing massage creates a sense of wellbeing for the entire body.

This seasonal treatment is ideal for nearly every type of guest at The Spa, especially those who frequently travel or spend most of their day sitting, as it increases blood circulation and creates a sense of simultaneous relaxation and rejuvenation. The Balinese Massage is also beneficial for those with sports injuries, who are prone to migraine headaches or have trouble sleeping. The full body massage can ease nearly any muscle or joint pain.


The Balinese Massage is available now at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta - 80 minute treatment available.