Experience the elemental power of nature on Swan Hellenic’s ‘Sagas of Ice and Fire’ Cruise

Experience the elemental power of nature on Swan Hellenic’s ‘Sagas of Ice and Fire’ Cruise

Journey to the Norse world on Swan Hellenic’s ‘no-fly’ Sagas of Ice and Fire cruise with eminent volcanologist Dr Peter Cattermole to discover Iceland, a country still being formed by the elemental forces of nature. One of a panel of four Guest Speakers travelling on this cruise, Dr Cattermole’s stimulating talks on volcanology will include discussing the causes and long term effects of Eyjfjallajökull’s recent eruption.

Dr Cattermole, a former lecturer in volcanology and planetary geology and a former principal investigator for NASA’s Planetary Geology and Physics Programme, will be introducing passengers to Iceland and the history of volcanoes, covering topics such as Why does Iceland exist?; How do volcanoes work?; Recent events in Southern Iceland; Fissures, fires and fantastic furies and The Convenient Untruth which will discuss the issues surrounding climate change.

Sagas of Ice and Fire is perfect for those nature enthusiasts keen to see the elemental power of nature up close, secure in the knowledge that they are travelling in complete safety, comfort and style aboard Minerva. A full-day stay in Reykjavik offers passengers an introduction to some of Iceland’s cultural highlights and unique landscapes including a visit to ‘The Golden Circle’ which includes the thundering Gullfoss waterfall, geyser area and Thingvellir National Park which is situated on the tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Reykjavik is some 160km from Eyjafjallajökull, the now notorious volcano which recently caused disruption over UK airspace. Volcanic activity is now much reduced but, depending on weather conditions and the strength of the eruption during this cruise, passengers might even spot the dramatic steam clouds from its crater as Minerva cruises around the south coast of Iceland.

Minerva will also close-cruise the island of Heimaey, with the ship’s Promenade Deck providing the perfect vantage point from which to observe sheer cliffs and teeming wildlife, including puffins. You might also catch sight of Eldfell, a cinder cone volcano formed during an unexpected eruption on Heimaey in January 1973.


Other Icelandic ports of call on this cruise include Grundafjordur, from where you can discover Snaefellsjökull National Park, remote Isafjordur, capital of the West Fjords, and Akureyri, from where you can visit the Lake Myvatn area where volcanic activity has created a lunar-like landscape still being shaped by newborn lava fields and bubbling mudflats.

Colin Stone, Managing Director of Swan Hellenic comments, “As pioneers in discovery cruising we understand that recent volcanic disruption has sparked significant interest in volcanology. Our passengers are extremely attracted to unique cruises like Sagas of Ice and Fire which provide the opportunity to learn from experts in this field.”

With a great value fare of just £1,725pp and Dover’s convenient road and rail links, joining this ‘no-fly’ cruise couldn’t be easier. Additionally, Swan Hellenic contributes £125 towards parking your car at Dover, so passengers can step straight out of their car to begin their cruise.