Eurowings introduces three day reservations

Eurowings introduces three day reservations

Eurowings has now introduced 72-hour airfare reservations.

This enables customers to save the price of any flight found and then make plans with family or friends, or book other components of their trip, such as concert tickets, hire cars or hotels, calmly and without a rush.

The Save Your Price reservation expires automatically after 72 hours.

It costs €2 per person and journey leg on short-haul and €10 on long-haul flights.

Eurowings is using the Save Your Price option to improve the service it offers to customers on the website, where passengers will find the best price for their flights.

It also increases the comfort and convenience of booking: passengers get more time to plan their air travel and can book carefully and without a rush – with no fear of flights no longer being available or only at higher prices.

The Save Your Price option is also available to travel agencies.