Eurostar launches new advertising campaign to showcase new fleet

Eurostar launches new advertising campaign to showcase new fleet

Eurostar is launching a new above the line campaign designed to showcase its service benefits and features of the new state-of-the-art fleet.

The central campaign created with creative agency AKQA features four 40 second videos each set inside a carriage that follow the journey of individual passengers as they travel from London to Paris.

To bring to life the new exciting features of the train, the viewer is transported on a journey through the imagination of the traveller in focus. 

The videos are supported with four digital and static creatives and a suite of banners across Eurostar’s key cities in the UK, France and Belgium.

Media includes premium stand-out OOH sites from a Platform Domination in London King’s Cross and Waterloo, Media Eyes in Birmingham and premium digital sites across Belgium and core French cities – Paris, Lille, Nantes and Lyon.

It is also in standout press formats including the Daily Telegraph, Financial Times and Sport magazine.

Lionel Benbassat, head of marketing and brand, Eurostar, said: “With the launch of our new trains, we’ve created a campaign that brings to life the on board experience.

“By playing on each of the new features and overall benefits of the Eurostar service in an engaging video format, we are inviting travellers to explore the new trains.”

Take a look below:

Service in Standard Premier: A mother and daughter are filmed in the spacious surroundings of their carriage and then into a set reminiscent of the Grand Budapest Hotel. Crew dressed in black tie holding silver trays are featured to mimic the quality of Eurostar’s on board service:

On-board entertainment: With free Wi-Fi and an on board entertainment system across all classes of service on Eurostar’s new trains, it’s the ultimate time to escape and catch up on films. The video follows a young man on his iPad as he looks out the window and is transported into a movie scene: