Eurostar hails ‘print anywhere’ success

Eurostar hails ‘print anywhere’ success

Eurostar has reported a successful rollout of its ‘Print Anywhere’ scheme – which allows rail passengers to retrieve their tickets from personal computers.

In a move some would suggest moves the carrier closer to a no-frills service, customers now have to print their tickets at home, in the office or anywhere they have access to a computer and a printer.

Around 70 per cent of Eurostar travellers presently taking advantage of the ‘service via the company’s website website.

The service was launched in April.

“Print Anywhere ticketing allows our travellers to save time and gives them a greater degree of flexibility and convenience,” the operator said in a statement.


“Station staff are finding that the majority of people arrive at Eurostar check-in with their tickets already printed – a sure sign that this initiative has been well received.”

Following a significant investment at all major stations in France, UK and Belgium, travellers can now simply scan their own unique printed barcode, so making their check-in even more hassle free than before.

With the introduction of ‘Print Anywhere’, Eurostar has ceased to send customers tickets by post, with customers also being given the choice to collect their tickets from one of the e-ticket machines at Eurostar stations.