EuropcarClub launches in the UK new concept in car clubs saves cost and CO2

EuropcarClub launches in the UK new concept in car clubs saves cost and CO2

Car clubs are still relatively new to the UK but for durations of more than a few hours, a choice of vehicles and UK wide coverage, they can’t compete with daily vehicle hire. Now Europcar, the UK’s leading vehicle hire company has launched EuropcarClub to offer the membership benefits of a car club with the flexibility of daily hire, following a successful roll out in France in 2008. 

Bringing a fresh approach to car sharing, EuropcarClub is a subscription based service, with two tiers – Easy and Premium.  Ideal for those who have decided to opt out of second car ownership, want the flexibility of different cars to suit different demands, or just want to find ways to drive greener, EuropcarClub also offers a solution to businesses who don’t want the financial commitment of leasing or buying company cars.


The launch comes on the back of recent research conducted by Europcar* which found that across Europe, Britons are the most open to the idea of car sharing (34% vs 28% for the rest of Europe) and the age group most open to giving up car ownership is 18 to 34 year olds. 



Starting at £8.25 a month for two people (£99 per annum), the Europcar Club ‘Easy’ subscription promises members low rates on daily rental of any vehicle size or type – from compacts to MPVs and vans - with no additional charges for excess cover, one way rentals or additional drivers who are also members.  It is perfect for the urban dwellers who only need a car part-time as well as the many households who have downsized their own cars and are renting larger vehicles for holidays and specific occasions.


Membership offers a monthly saving of £84.75 against owning a car with no worries over maintenance, insurance and depreciation. 


Customers are guaranteed vehicles on average just 6 months old and can select a car group by its average CO2 emissions.  In, fact Europcar’s fuel-efficient and low emissions cars use 33% less petrol than the average car on the road.


For those looking for fixed rates throughout the year on all types of cars and vans – from compact cars to the ultimate prestige vehicles, Europcar Club ‘Premium’ is £60 a month.  Members enjoy discounted rates on all vehicles on Europcar’s fleet including Prestige from Europcar which offers some of the most coveted vehicles on the road today.  Whether it’s the smooth and sexy Audi TTS, the fun Mini Clubman, the sophisticated grandeur of the Mercedes S Class or the most luxurious all-terrain 4x4 – the Range Rover Vogue, Premium EuropcarClub members can enjoy unbeatable rates.


Catriona Lougher, Marketing Director for Europcar says: “EuropcarClub is all about flexibility and cost-savings.  Members can change cars on demand, leave a vehicle at any Europcar location and benefit from fantastic rates all year long.  With no worries over depreciation, tax, maintenance and roadside assistance, they can enjoy access to vehicles suited for the job, the occasion or their mood.  We believe EuropcarClub takes the car club concept to the next level and we are committed to be at the forefront of delivering transport solutions to meet the needs of today’s cost conscious and environmentally focused travellers. ”