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Europcar Lab launches GoMore trial

Europcar Lab launches GoMore trial

Europcar Lab has announced the launch in France of an innovative pilot with GoMore, the European leader in no-fee car sharing.

They have designed a new everyday car product that combines medium-term rental with the option of car sharing.

This innovative urban mobility solution, called Drive & Share, allows customers to rent a car for four to 12 months, with the option of sharing it on the GoMore platform whenever they aren’t using it.

Purchasing and maintaining a new vehicle is expensive, especially when you don’t use it that much.

According to the website Planetoscope a car is parked on average over 95 per cent of the time.


With Drive & Share, customers get all the advantages of a recent Europcar model, which they can use at their convenience or share using the GoMore platform in order to maximise cost-effectiveness.

Drive & Share, available here, provides an all-in-one solution at a competitive and attractive monthly flat rate, including the cost of the vehicle, insurance and maintenance.

Customers select their preferred vehicle class and rental package (rental period ranging from four to 12 months; third-party, basic or premium insurance).

No financial contribution upfront is required: a monthly rental rate is set based on the car and options selected.

The car is available in most cases 48 hours after signing up.

Whenever customers don’t need their car, they can put it up for sharing on the GoMore platform, thus funding all or part of their rental costs.

“This pilot perfectly reflects Europcar Lab’s philosophy, and more broadly the philosophy of Europcar Group as a whole, which is to offer innovative, simple and flexible mobility solutions that match consumers’ evolving usage patterns, through partnerships with key players in their market, such as GoMore.

“Today, Drive & Share offers a whole new way to use your car daily based on your needs, both in terms of travel and financing.

“We are the first car rental company to offer the opportunity to reduce your costs by sharing,” said Sheila Struyck, head of Europcar Lab.