Enterprise, National, Alamo brands still offer most competitive gas prices

Enterprise, National, Alamo brands still offer most competitive gas prices

With the arrival of summer and a busy travel season kicking into gear, many travellers may be shocked at the cost of refuelling at some airport car-rental return counters if they return their vehicle with less than a full tank of gasoline.

However, the Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car brands – owned and operated by Enterprise Holdings – are charging significantly less than other car rental brands for refuelling.

Current refuelling costs at Enterprise, National and Alamo range from $1.72 to $2.26 per litre when customers return a car without a full tank of gas (depending on the average prevailing retail fuel price in the area that surrounds each airport). This price is based on the local-market price of self-serve gasoline, plus a mark-up not to exceed 50 percent of the fuel cost (at all corporate-owned locations and participating franchises). The maximum mark-up for this convenience is capped at $0.75 per litre.

Enterprise, National and Alamo customers at the airport may return their rental vehicles full of gas, pre-pay for a full tank at a discount or ask for the tank to be refilled after returning the rental car.

“We offer a fair, market-based fee for refuelling, with a cap on the mark-up over retail pump prices,” said Matt Darrah, senior vice president of North American operations for Enterprise, National and Alamo. “Our policy is straightforward and transparent, giving consumers one more reason to choose one of our brands when their travel plans call for a rental car.”


Darrah noted that the three brands review local retail fuel prices four times per week. If those prices change by 3 cents or more in either direction, they adjust their airport fuel prices accordingly.

The Enterprise Holdings portfolio of car rental brands has a well-established track record on this important consumer issue and continues to offer several competitively priced refuelling options at the airport.