Emirates Airline signs IT safety solution

Emirates Airline signs IT safety solution

Mercator announced today plans to develop a next generation safety data management system. The new Safety Data Management System will unite risk management in an integrated manner across all functional areas of the business. 

The integrated approach will assure improvements in how safety is managed and result in heightened levels of performance, reduced costs and elevated reinforcement of a corporate safety culture. The project will ensure that Mercator remains compliant with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements for Safety Management System (SMS). 

This move reinforces Mercator’s ongoing commitment to ensure its products enable its customers to demonstrate and maintain the highest level of safety in their operations and to the customers they serve. 

“Safety is the cornerstone of any business, and in the aviation industry it’s a commitment operators make to the billions of passengers they transport annually,” said Duncan Alexander, Vice President Mercator. “As a global provider of commercial IT systems and services to the airline industry, our goal is to develop solutions that allow our customers to sustain and grow their business.” “Safety is clearly an area where everyone places a great deal of importance and Mercator is committed to continually investing in our safety products, iSaturn and Sentinel, to ensure they are the best in the market, he added.” 

Emirates Airline will be one of the pilot customers for this new Safety Data System and reinforces Emirates’ ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest level of safety in its operations and to the customers it serves.  “Safety is paramount to Emirates’ success and part of the economic stability of our business,” said Capt. Tim Jenkins, Senior Vice President, Emirates Group Safety.


“We continue to heavily invest in this critical area and the Safety Data Management System by Mercator which includes strengthened capabilities in hazard identification and risk management, plus comprehensive capability for auditing, will enable Emirates to further mitigate safety-related risks across all of its operations.”