Electric vehicles for US car rental market

Electric vehicles for US car rental market

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has confirmed plans to introduce up to 100 all-electric CODA Sedans to car rental locations across the United States throughout 2011. 

The decision is a major boost for CODA Automotive, a California-based electric car and battery company, which has to date seen its product lag behind rivals Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt.

When issued the CODA Sedan will be the first mainstream all-electric sedan from an all-electric car company.

“The CODA’s dependable, all-season range are a perfect match for the driving conditions found throughout Enterprise’s neighbourhood network of car rental locations,” said Kevin Czinger, president and chief executive of CODA Automotive.

“Enterprise has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainability and is aligned with our mission to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.”

Earlier this week Avis ordered 500 electric vehicles for its fleet of rental cars in the United States.


CODA Automotive

The CODA Automotive car is designed to meet the day-to-day needs of more than 80 per cent of Americans, with space for five passengers and a full-size trunk.

CODA’s 33.8 kWh battery system with active thermal management will be the largest, most advanced system in its class, enabling a dependable, all-season 90 to 120 miles of range per charge.

“With the mystery surrounding electric vehicles, we think this vehicle will not only meet the needs of many of our customers, but will also help to lift the veil on EVs for many of them and help them better understand the technology and why they might want to own one,” said Lee Broughton, director of sustainability for Enterprise Holdings.

In addition to the partnership announced today, the two companies previously reached an agreement to provide services for CODA electric vehicle owners. 

As part of agreement, Enterprise will provide courtesy transportation vehicles to CODA customers during service and maintenance periods. 

In addition to providing courtesy transportation support, CODA and Enterprise are discussing other innovative partnership opportunities to help accelerate the adoption of all-electric cars.