ekoVenture launches! Explore the World, Not the Web

ekoVenture launches! Explore the World, Not the Web

ekoVenture (www.ekoVenture.com), the first social marketplace for experiential travel, announced its official public launch today. They provide access to 10,000+ travel experiences and day activities from more than 450 approved tour operators in over 160 countries.

The goal: enable travelers to simply find and book travel experiences and day activities online. The alternative: spending valuable time sifting through countless search results.

“Experiential travel is the fastest growing segment of travel because consumers are seeking more authentic travel experiences to break the cruise ship and theme park cycles,” says TJ Sassani, ekoVenture’s Founder and CEO. Categories include sustainable, cultural, adventure, culinary, active sport, voluntourism, and more - which can be done during the weekend or on an extended getaway. Whether it’s cycling in the Moroccan desert, sailing the Greek Islands, ‘sip and cycling’ in Napa Valley, hiking the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea, volunteering in east Africa, or just kayaking locally, ekoVenture is a simple online marketplace that makes it easy to find and book.

The travel industry has seen several major tectonic shifts over the last 50 years as a result of the evolution of air travel, the introduction of the web, and emerging economies. Today the booming $30 billion experiential travel market, paired with the staggering adoption of social media, is once again transforming the travel industry - ekoVenture is positioned to be the authority.

ekoVenture has also built the ekoVenture Guru network, which includes 12 world record holders, five National Geographic Adventurers of the Year, renowned conservation icons, and adventure trailblazers from around the globe. Gurus include legends like Jamling Tenzing Norgay, Leo Le Bon, Emma Stokes, Chris Fallows, and many others. They share their wisdom, recommendations, and expertise with the ekoVenture community. Also, travelers can write trip reviews, travel blogs, and share photos and videos.


According to Brian Barth, Founder of Sidestep.com (acquired by Kayak.com) and one of ekoVenture’s advisors, “Companies have made it easy to find and book airline tickets and hotels online. Now, ekoVenture is tackling, head-on, one of the hardest remaining problems in travel - making it simple for travelers to find and book authentic travel experiences and activities online.”