Egyptian tourism launches new site to boost recovery

Egyptian tourism launches new site to boost recovery

The Egyptian Tourist Authority has launched a new website which allows users to tailor-make their perfect trip to the country while also making it easier for travellers to fit in everything they want to see on holiday.

The new website gives users the chance to create their own journeys, and to book the trip through one of the site’s travel agents.

Each journey starts on the homepage of the local country. As well as being in the language of that country, the homepage can be personalised to show the attractions most relevant to local travellers.

From the homepage, visitors can now decide what kind of journey they want to take. Do you want to browse by product? Then click on ‘What to do’ for a list of options. Or maybe you’ve heard of some of the famous places in Egypt and want to browse by destination?

Then choose ‘Where to go’. If you have specific thought in your mind and want to browse by keyword? Try the ‘Search’ function, which has been designed with predictive typing to make it easier to find the result you want.

Allowing visitors to choose how they want to browse the ETA site encourages them to spend more time online, allowing more of Egypt’s attractions to be shown and enjoyed.

Campaign Materials

The website also allows visitors to view or download ETA’s campaign materials. Just visit the ‘Multimedia’ box.

There’s also a section to see some of the ‘behind the scenes’ making of the advertising, found under the ‘Egypt Experiences’ tab
Trip Planner

Finally, the new site allows visitors to create, store and share a virtual journey to Egypt. Whenever you find an attraction you like, use the ‘Click to Add’ button, then follow the instructions. The site will create your itinerary for you, using Google maps, telling you how to get from place to place and how long to spend at each destination.

Booking a Trip

Use the site to book a flight or contact a travel agent who can turn the virtual itinerary into a real one.

Just go to the ‘Book Your Trip’ icon and chose either ‘flight’ or ‘holidays’ option.

However, you use the ETA’s new website, it’s a rich tool to enjoy the country’s attractions and book a journey to visit. Visit now and enjoy exploring the new site yourself.