Egyptian chaos claims tourism minister

Egyptian chaos claims tourism minister

Egyptian tourism minister Hisham Zazou has resigned his post as the political crisis in the country continues to worsen.

Zazou was among a group of five ministers who submitted what he called “justified” resignations to prime minister Hisham Kandil.

Mass protests have seen hundreds of thousands of Egyptians on the streets in recent days demanding president Mohammed Morsi step down.

Protests prompted the army to issue a 48-hour ultimatum to resolve the deadly crisis sweeping the country.

Large protests continued yesterday, with activists storming the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood - the group from which the president hails – in Cairo.

Communication and information technology minister Atef Helmy, environmental affairs minister Khaled Fahmy, utilities minister Abdel Qawy Khalifa and parliamentary and legal affairs minister Hatem Bagato have also stepped down from their posts.

Reports earlier suggested they have been joined by foreign minister Mohamed Kamel Amr.

The Foreign Office said media reports suggest some of those demonstrating in Tahrir Square and elsewhere are hostile and suspicious of any foreigners present.

”If you become aware of any nearby protests, leave the area immediately,” it warned British visitors.