Ecuador receives record visitor numbers following WTA success

Ecuador receives record visitor numbers following WTA success

Ecuador is proving to be a very popular destination in 2014, with the South American country receiving over a million international arrivals in the first eight months of the year.

Specifically, 1,009,665 foreign tourists have visited the Andean so far this year, representing an increase of 14 per cent over last year.

Despite the current economic situation, the number of European visitors has considerably increased.

For instance, there has been a growth of seven per cent in terms of Spanish tourist numbers from January to August 2014.

Quito, the capital, has been visited by more than the 50 per cent of tourist arriving to Ecuador during 2014, and has been chosen as the entrance as well as the exit gate of the country.


Meanwhile, the number of tourists that have chosen Quito as a main destination of their trip has increased from 33,937 in June 2012 to 47,359 in June 2013.

Figures for 2014 are expected to show a continued increase.

During 2013, the Ecuadorian capital received a total of 628,958 visits of which 19 per cent were from Europe.

The goal is to reach a million visitors in 2018.

The average stay in Quito is 7.89 days and the average spend per tourist by day is $114.

Earlier this year Quito hosted the World Travel Awards South & Central America Gala Ceremony and was recognised as South America’s Leading Destination by the organisation.