Economic Downturn to Worsen

Economic Downturn to Worsen

Multi-millionaire trader, Vince Stanzione, predicts a lot more doom before the next boom. This veteran trader is warning stock market investors that the worst is yet to come.

“The markets and property markets are heading lower, much lower. Unemployment is going up 20%+, and living standards will not return to the 2007 levels for at least 20 years, if ever. Recent moves up in the stock market are nothing more than manufactured short term gains,” warns Vince Stanzione. He continues, “I have no desire to scare people or give false hope; I trade as I see it and share my
information. I am not the most conventional trader, as I’m not afraid to bet against the crowd. I have an eye for spotting the next big trends.”

Vince Stanzione will share his amazing insight into the next big trends as well as explaining how to protect assets against future economic downturns. Vince has extensive experience giving TV,
radio and print interviews. His views on the financial markets are interesting because they are edgy and go against conventional opinions.

His track record and past predictions have been lightning accurate in numerous markets including copper, grains, crude oil, gold, the British Pound, the Euro and treasury bonds. Both betting up and
down has led him to a personal fortune in the millions so when he speaks traders all over the world listen.

About Vince Stanzione:
Vince Stanzione is a self-made multi-millionaire based in Europe.
His path to success began at the age of 16 while working at Nat West Foreign Exchange in London. He quickly worked his way up and then started his own company. He has been involved in various companies including: mobile communications, premium rate telephony, interactive gaming, publishing and television and financial trading. He currently lives most of the year between Spain and Monaco and trades his own funds, mainly in currencies and commodities.


In addition to trading, he also teaches a small number of students and produced the best-selling course on Financial Spread Betting. Vince Stanzione is also the author of “How to Stop Existing & Start
Living”. He is the Spread Betting expert for Growth Company Investor and writes a monthly column for The City Magazine, Canary Wharf and Vicente.