easyJet launches new industry team

easyJet launches new industry team

easyJet has launched a new industry team that will focus on further development of the travel management company sector throughout Europe.

The airline continues to evolve into markets such as Germany and with team-members located in strategic markets across Europe, easyJet aims to enhance its partnerships with the corporate travel sector, which now represents more than 20 per cent of its business.

Led by Iain Withers, easyJet’s head of industry who has a strong background within the supplier side of the TMC, the team is dedicated to increasing cooperation with this strategically important sector with a focus on product awareness, stakeholder engagement, distribution simplicity and driving growth of seat sales to corporate customers through the TMCs.

Anthony Drury, easyJet head of business commented: “easyJet was one of the first low cost airlines to engage the trade and has worked with TMCs for more than five years.

“We continue to evolve our TMC offering to ensure that the sector has the tools, knowledge and dedicated support to continue to support our mutual corporate clients and their travellers with their travel investment.


“This new team will take a consultative approach and work with TMC partners to support business customers and travellers.

“In addition to the new team a selection of new enhancements for TMC customers including an online training academy for point-of-sale agents, improved customer service offerings and greater support on the ground will be launched.”

Over the last few years easyJet has continued to successfully grow its share of the managed corporate travel sector. Alongside famous low fares, a raft of innovations including TMC partnerships, new product enhancements have all contributed to enabling easyJet to compete more effectively with legacy carriers and gain a larger slice of the business travel market.

easyJet has continued to focus on growing and connecting with the TMC’s efficiently through market leading distribution capabilities.

The partnerships easyJet has built across the managed travel industry have meant the airline has been able to successfully grow its presence across the sector.