easyJet inks deal with Sabre

easyJet inks deal with Sabre Harald Eisenaecher, senior vice president, Sabre EMEA

Sabre Travel Network and easyJet have partnered to advance the airline’s merchandising strategy through the Sabre travel marketplace.

Sabre-connected travel agents can now select and pay for specific seats at the same time as they make a flight booking for their customers.

This means agents no longer have to visit the easyJet website to select a seat after the fare has been bought in Sabre.

Furthermore, in addition to scheduled fares and availability, agents can now also shop and book easyJet fares when performing low-fare searches for the cheapest possible itineraries.

Sabre’s low-fare search allows agents to find the cheapest fares across a broad range of dates, giving travellers more options and choices.

They will also be able to shop fares and bags together in a single request. 

Harald Eisenaecher, senior vice president, Sabre EMEA, said: “These latest enhancements are great news for agencies connected to the Sabre travel marketplace.

“Online and traditional agencies, and the corporations and travellers they serve, will reap the benefits of being able to shop easyJet’s fares and bags in one request.

“The ability to shop, book and pay for seats at the point of sale is also a huge step forward.

“It will save agents time, make agencies more efficient, and mean travellers receive even better levels of service.

“We recognise how important the agency channel is for easyJet, and by providing these new options in our marketplace we remain focused on helping it reach its targets.”