easyJet Blunder Sees Plane grounded

easyJet Blunder Sees Plane grounded

Passengers on an easyJet flight to Geneva were forced to disembark before takeoff after the pilot realised the aircraft had been loaded with too much fuel.

The blunder occurred on Boxing Day, with 37 passengers forced to return to the terminal building at Birmingham Airport.

easyJet has apologised and confirmed it will compensate the passengers after the incident.

Initially easyJet had asked for volunteers to leave the flight, offering cash payments in addition to overnight accommodation.

However, only seven people took up the offer.


The last 30 passengers to board the flight were then ordered from the plane and catch a later flight.

The airline is also reportedly investigation claims that passengers were threatened with arrest after they declined to leave the flight.

easyJet spokesman Andrew McConnell said the firm wanted to sincerely apologise to the passengers affected.

“The cause of the weight restriction was due to a fuelling error, which resulted in the aircraft taking on too much fuel, and therefore being too heavy for take-off when fully loaded,” he concluded.