East Meets West At Thermae Bath Spa

East Meets West At Thermae Bath Spa

Thermae Bath Spa is delighted to announce that it will be holding a Malaysian Spa Festival this Spring.

From April 22 to May 16 2010 Thermae Bath Spa is hosting the Spa Festival, in partnership with Spa Village in Malaysia.

Therapists from Spa Village will be providing traditional spa treatments at Thermae, including Malay and Balinese massages and a Classical Chinese facial.

A chef will accompany them from Malaysia to add a taste of the Orient to the menu at Thermae’s Springs Restaurant.

Sales & marketing manager Peter Rollins said: ‘Thermae Bath Spa and Spa Village both honour the ancient spa traditions of their individual regions.


‘We hope people who visit Thermae during the Festival will leave having enjoyed the touch, taste and sounds of Malaysia, as well as bathing in Bath’s natural thermal waters.’

Traditional Malay treatments at Thermae Bath Spa during the festival include:
Malay Traditional Massage (50 mins)
£60 + spa session
The art of traditional Malay massage is passed on from generation to generation. The technique consists of long kneading strokes that stimulate the energy points and help to loosen and warm up the muscles, while it relaxes, detoxifies and rejuvenates the body. The treatment uses pure essential oils made with special ingredients such as turmeric, cinnamon and citronella that invigorate circulation, whilst the aroma has a beautifully soothing effect.

Balinese Massage (50 mins)
£60 + spa session
This massage combines historical elements from many cultures, especially Indian, Chinese and European influences which form the foundation of Balinese tradition.
This Balinese ritual offers techniques with varying tempos of acupressure, rolling motions, long strokes and percussion, which provide an invigorating experience for the body.

Classical Chinese Facial (50 mins)
£65 + spa session
This classical facial uses an ancient Chinese recipe of crushed rice and pearl powder, immortalised by Chinese empresses in the Imperial courts. Designed to deeply cleanse, tone and nourish the skin, this facial also incorporates the use of jade ‘rollers’, which are gently rolled over the face to produce a cooling and soothing effect. Jade is highly significant in Chinese culture, whereby its green shade represents harmony as well as the growth and freshness that come with spring.
The finishing touch is a wonderful ‘egg undulation’ face treatment. Based on the customs of the Chinese Peranakan, the people of a unique culture from the marriage of Malay and Chinese, the warm, shelled hard-boiled eggs are softly guided around the face and forehead to improve complexion.

Malay Luxury Hair Treatment (25 mins)
£35 + spa session
This warming pandan and coconut hair treatment testifies to the culture of hair treatment in Malaysia where rich and shiny hair is highly respected as an integral part of beauty. In this treatment, fragrant pandan leaves are combined with coconut milk to moisturise and improve the health of your hair. Completed with a relaxing scalp massage. Definitely a “good hair day”.

Campur-Campur (100mins)
£80 + spa session
Combining the best techniques of Malay and Thai massage, this special Spa Village creation uses touch, tone and aromatherapy to give a truly sensory experience. The scent of lemon grass and pandan leaves fills the air as herbs are pressed along the body using a traditional steam pouch. Highly recommended!

A competition will run alongside the festival:
Prize Details:
• Prize is for two people
• Return flights in Economy class with Lufthansa to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Valid for one year.
• Two nights at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur (including breakfast) plus 60-minute spa treatment each.
• Five nights at Pangkor Laut Resort (including breakfast) plus 50-minute spa treatment each.