Doncaster Sheffield Airport takes to the skies with social media launch

Doncaster Sheffield Airport takes to the skies with social media launch

Passengers using Doncaster Sheffield Airport will now be able to receive regular updates from the South Yorkshire travel hub at any time thanks to the use of Twitter and Facebook.

The airport has officially launched the sites as part of a new digital media strategy which aims to capitalise on these new forms of online communication to engage more closely with its customers.

The Facebook and Twitter accounts will be used to communicate with passengers and give them live information about the airport and flights.

Followers of the sites will also receive regular flight, holiday and car parking offers, information regarding new flight destinations and special discounts available at the airport’s retail outlets.

Jodi Stow, Marketing and Communications Manager at the airport said: “We have begun to use Twitter and Facebook to create a better connection with our passengers and keep them more informed with relevant updates throughout the day.


“Twitter and Facebook provide us with new ways of communicating quickly with our passengers. By including social media in our communications strategy we aim to engage more openly with our passengers and ultimately deliver a better service.”

Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter are growing in popularity, with more companies and celebrities using them as business opportunities.

Recently Facebook announced that it had over 400million active users and Twitter has over 100million uses.