DFDS Seaways warns over EHIC

DFDS Seaways warns over EHIC

DFDS Seaways, the leading Dover-France ferry operator, is warning its passengers to take extra care when organising a European Health Insurance Card, known as an EHIC.

The organisation is warning passengers some organisations are charging for the card, when they should be free of charge.

The European Health Insurance Card helps you access state healthcare in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries, including Switzerland, at a reduced cost or sometimes free of charge.

Every year the same hoax happens where holidaymakers are caught out by being charged £10 to £15 by companies offering to process the application for the health card, which can be obtained for free.

DFDS’ top tip for passengers and holidaymakers is to avoid this trap by applying directly for a card via the EHIC website.

Chris Newey, passenger director, DFDS Seaways English Channel, said: “We want our passengers to be aware of this scam when they are arranging their holidays or travelling to the Continent this summer, as the European Health Insurance Cards can be ordered completely free.

“It’s important to know you don’t need to go through an agent to fill out the paperwork for you either, and there are no admin charges or postage costs if you apply directly.”

DFDS Seaways is considered the World’s Leading Ferry Operator by the World Travel Awards.