DFDS Norfolkline share the water of life with Europe

DFDS Norfolkline share the water of life with Europe

Whisky lovers from Belgium have become the toast of ferry operators DFDS Norfolkline by snapping up bookings on a series of specialist ‘Scotch’ sailings.

More than 120 travellers have booked up for the three whisky experience trips on the Zeebrugge to Rosyth Scottish Viking ferry.

DFDS Seaways has teamed up with drinks giant Diagio and Fife Council to run a series of expert whisky tastings on board the Scottish Viking before the passenger route closes next month.

Chris Newey, DFDS Norfolkline’s Director of Passenger Services for Scotland-Belgium and the English Channel, said: “The trips aim to provide European travellers with a greater understanding and appreciation of Scottish whisky as well as raising awareness of Scotland’s extensive heritage, land and produce.

“And judging by the numbers of people who have secured bookings, it would seem our European cousins’ love of whisky remains as strong as ever.


“We’re delighted to have such a strong response to the themed crossings and I’m sure our whisky travellers are in for a very enjoyable experience.

“Although the passenger service from Scotland is due to end, travellers can enjoy our service to from Amsterdam to Newcastle which is only a short drive away from Edinburgh.”

The passengers will leave Zeebrugge and take part in a two hour whisky tasting session on the overnight route to Scotland, before spending a few hours onshore at Rosyth and then returning the same day where they will have another two hour tasting session.

DFDS Norfolkline began operating the Rosyth-Zeebrugge service in May 2009, allowing thousands of passengers to enjoy the benefits of avoiding the long drive south to Europe as well as the service’s leisurely overnight crossing.

The Scottish Viking has onboard facilities that include a restaurant, bar, cinema and children’s play area, providing plenty of opportunities for passengers of all ages to sit back, enjoy the journey and arrive in Europe refreshed and relaxed.

DFDS Norfolkline recently announced its Rosyth to Zeebrugge route will no longer operate as a combined passenger and freight service and from mid-December will operate solely as a freight-only route.

Following the closure, Scottish travellers can enjoy DFDS Seaways’ service to Europe on their Newcastle to Amsterdam route which sails daily.