Destination digital promotion reaches millions in 2012

Destination digital promotion reaches millions in 2012

Within six months of the relaunch of TCA Abu Dhabi’s upgraded and refreshed destination digital product, the website has received in excess of 1.3 million hits with the number of site visits increasing by over 27% compared to traffic within Q3 and Q4 of 2011. The number of unique visitors increased 21%, the number of pageviews 47%, while the average visit duration rose 34%.

The total number of hotel searches generated in Q3 and Q4 last year over 69,000, with the number of leads to online travel agents (OTAs) and hotel booking engines reaching over 16,900 with a conversion rate of almost a quarter. Restaurants searches came in at over 115,000. Since last October’s launch of the site’s flight and car search e-services, over 2,000 flights were searched generating 431 OTA and airline leads, while 126 car searches were logged. went social in September last year since when the destination has been successfully portrayed, promoted and talked about on social media channels, reaching a total Facebook audience of more than 19 million and generating over 147,883 ‘stories’ - likes, posts, comments, shares. Focusing on a multiple-tier digital and social media campaign - pre-event promotion, post event sharing, destination presentation, celebrity activation and competitions, reached a total Facebook fan base of about 90,000 and its target of 30,000 Twitter followers by the end of 2012.

The destination website’s relaunch has involved significant content upgrades including 3,000 new images and 150,000 newly-written, web-friendly content in eight languages (English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese). New services include the integrated hotel-flight-car search, a comprehensive F&B search, online maps, and enhanced user interface with usability and accessibility as top priorities. Following consolidated search engine optimisation, the website is highly ranked by Google generating 75% of its traffic from search engines.’s monthly e-newsletter, with open and click-through rates above the industry average, now circulates to 20,000 verified email recipients.

Abu Dhabi’s destination website and social media channels accompany visitors in all stages of their trip from dreaming and planning, to actual booking, throughout their stay in the emirate, and upon their return home. More digital enhancements in the coming months include iPhone and iPad app, spa & relaxation pages, new hotel pages and additional social media channels and applications.