Delta Air Lines and Travelport finalise agreement

Delta Air Lines and Travelport finalise agreement

Delta Air Lines and Travelport have finalised an agreement in which Delta will reacquire the data and intellectual property rights central to its passenger service and flight operations systems.

As a result, Delta will be the only US airline to directly control these critical technology systems, making it better able to build the next generation of technology that will improve the travel experiences of its customers.

The move is the latest innovation in Delta’s continued effort to rethink and reshape the airline business.

Earlier this year, Delta announced industry-leading changes to its SkyMiles frequent flyer program to differentiate it for premium travellers.

Delta also made strategic investments in Virgin Atlantic Airways, AeroMexico and GOL over the last several years; created Monroe Energy to provide 80 per cent of its annual domestic fuel needs; and transformed its fleet strategy, including a significant reduction in 50-seat aircraft.

The airline has invested billions of dollars to improve the customer experience including investments to facilities in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles and Seattle since 2010.

“These systems are the data and operational backbone for more than 180 technology applications used to run our airline every day,” Richard Anderson, Delta chief executive explained.

“By bringing the systems along with the highly skilled people who support them under Delta’s direct management, we gain greater flexibility and control over the technology enhancements that will continue to improve our operational performance and passenger experience. 

“This transaction builds on our ongoing efforts to build a stronger airline for our shareholders, employees and customers while reconfirming the importance of our strategic partnership with Travelport.”

The agreement between Travelport and Delta will see the airline transfer direct control and operations of its passenger service and flight operations systems.

There will also be a transition of the development software which does not require a technology migration event so there is no effect to Delta customers.

Travelport will continue to run the system infrastructure for the Delta platform in its Atlanta data centre.

The transition of more than 175 technology professionals to Delta effective July 1st.