David Cameron books his own budget holiday

Britain’s prime minister is heading abroad for a much needed holiday; like many Brits, David Cameron found his luxurious villa accommodation on a holiday website.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, David Cameron is heading to Italy to a stay at a villa his wife found on a holiday website. Travelmatch, an online travel specialist, say it’s no surprise that the prime minister and his family found their recent holiday accommodation on a travel website. The company says that the best deals and hotels are to be found online, and that the prime minister is clearly savvy enough to figure this out.

The prime minister will reportedly spend two weeks in a rustic 18th century villa in the Chianti region of Italy. He will be accompanied by his family and two other families who are old friends. The prime minister is also reportedly flying with a budget airline, though the weekly rate for the villa is expected to exceed €9,000.

travelmatch.co.uk say that while this luxurious villa retreat might not be the average all inclusive holiday, it’s clear that the prime minister has learned the best ways to save money. By travelling on a budget airline and doing research online, David Cameron and his family are staying up to date with the latest in affordable travel.

Alex Francis of travelmatch.co.uk comments: “The prime minister is taking off on a fabulous trip to Italy that is sure to help him recover from the stress of his job. Most Brits will surely sympathise as our customers are always keen to book holidays to Bulgaria, Crete, the Canary Islands, and other Mediterranean destinations to escape from the daily grind.”


Francis continues: “The prime minister and his family are also very up to date on the latest means of booking holidays, as online research and budget flights are the only way to go. With so much information available on websites like our own, there is really no better place to turn, even if you have the whole government at your disposal!”