Costa Diadema interior revealed ahead of November launch

Costa Diadema interior revealed ahead of November launch

The first images of the interior of Costa Cruises’ new flagship, Costa Diadema, have been released.

Costa Diadema, dubbed the ‘Regina del Mediterraneo’, or ‘Queen of the Mediterranean’ will be launching on November 7th 2014.

Costa Cruises enlisted the architect Joseph Farcus to design the new flagship.

Farcus has worked on cruise ships for 35 years and has collaborated with Costa Cruises since 2000.

The design philosophy of Costa Diadema is an evolution of Farcus’ style: new functions and circulation patterns were created for Costa Diadema, as well as a new ship layout, giving guests the possibility to experience something unlike any other cruise ship.

“The design philosophy is a sophisticated contemporary approach,” said Farcus.

“We have been trying to create special designs, which affect the emotions of the guests indicating to them they are sailing in a very special environment created for their leisure and delivering them to a dream destination.

“What guests on the quay will notice first is the ship’s added height resulting from an added deck.

“The top area has been expanded and there will be more areas dedicated to sunbathing and sports as well as a children’s park and pool.

“Furthermore, the bow and stern have been redesigned giving a more streamlined appearance.

“However the most notable feature will be the wide, open promenade that wraps around the ship on deck 5.”

From Costa Diadema’s outdoor promenade, it will be possible to enjoy a spectacular view of the sea.

With the longest promenade of the fleet, it features a yacht-like design and will offer a 500 metre walk around all four sides of the ship.

Bars and restaurants overlooking it will add to the atmosphere of a Mediterranean summer outdoors. 

The interior design of Costa Diadema exhibits stylish décor with an Italian touch.

Refined details are present in each corner of Costa Diadema, like the glass mosaics that tastefully decorate many areas of the flagship, including the open-air promenade and the Pizzeria.

Chic details are present in other spaces like the Samsara Restaurant, where the striped marble wall includes art recesses with artworks inspired by Japanese theatrical masks.

“We have worked very closely with Costa’s shop experts to create a layout of the highest standard for today’s shopping trends to give the guests the most pleasant shopping experience second to none ashore,” added Farcus.

“We even have a dedicated Portobello Road area for super sale events and merchandise, adding to the unique shopping experience this ship offers.”