“Coolest Bath House in China” Countering Chilly Beijing Winter with Ginger Wellness Pampering

“Coolest Bath House in China” Countering Chilly Beijing Winter with Ginger Wellness Pampering

The “coolest bath house in China” is introducing winter wellness treatments at the imperial-style GREEN T. HOUSE Living on the outskirts of Beijing.

Complete with a rooftop hot tub for indulgent bathing even when it snows, therapies are countering the chilly winter by incorporating ginger at the new wellness oasis inspired by a Tang dynasty emperor’s bath house.


Ginger’s warming properties help prevent colds and flu. It keeps skin hydrated, glowing and healthy in cold, dry winters is also effective against chronic fatigue as a tonic and even aphrodisiac, stimulating circulation of the blood.



Two signature therapies are incorporating ginger - the GREEN T. Scrub and GREEN T. Bath. The theme continues afterwards as guests relax with ginger tea.


“The experience is completed in the rooftop hot tub, which is enchanting when it snows,” said style icon JinR, the founder of GREEN T. HOUSE Living.


The complex is a uniquely decadent immersion into Chinese culture and cuisine combining wellness with a teahouse, restaurant, gallery, cultural events space and inspiring meeting place.


Renowned for chic dining, cutting-edge music performances, art exhibits, tea presentations and ceremonies, and creative events, it recently introduced wellness programmes at the new Bath House Residence.


Pampering, wellness and bathing rituals are complemented by exotic overnight ‘Signature Living Experiences’ immersing guests in “a world of body, mind and soul, senses and sensuality”.


Bath House therapies are twinned with Chinese music and art, pampering and indulgence, ancient Chinese wisdom and contemporary aesthetics.


The Tang dynasty-style residence sleeps couples in traditional, curtained four-poster “emperor’s beds” as well as accommodating small groups for ‘high end slumber parties’ in loft bedrooms.


Overnight stays at the Bath House Residence complete with private butler start at RMB 6,000 including a maxi-bar, rooftop BBQ and breakfast, along with unlimited use of the GREEN T. Bath, steam room and rooftop Jacuzzi.


Up to eight guests can stay overnight, with each additional guest charged RMB 2,000 per person.


Dining at GREEN T. HOUSE Living features signature “New China T-cuisine”, blending fresh and natural ingredients with time-honored indigenous cooking techniques from across the regions of China.


GREEN T. HOUSE Living “presents an authentic Chinese experience, but in a way that you’ve never imagined” and attracts an eclectic mix of artists, celebrities and prominent local and international guests.


GREEN T. HOUSE Living has built on the established success of Beijing’s landmark GREEN T. HOUSE, which opened in 1997.