CCRA appoints President for New Global Division

CCRA appoints President for New Global Division

CCRA President Dic Marxen today announced that industry veteran, Peter E. Pincus, has been appointed to serve as President of CCRA Travel Solutions’ new Global Network Division.

Said Marxen, “We at CCRA have been planning to establish ourselves as a global player for some time, and we could think of no one better to oversee our new Global Network Division operations than Peter Pincus. Peter brings with him a wealth of experience in the consortia segment, and he will be essential in providing CCRA with key strategic initiatives that will generate significant growth for our company both in the U.S. and abroad.”

Mr. Pincus, CTC, has been a key player in the travel industry market for over 30 years, where he has held positions with prominent travel agencies including American Express as well as several consortia. Additionally, Peter founded and led Consultek, Inc., a travel management consulting company specializing in the Latin American market.  Most recently, in his position with Marriott, Peter has been responsible for providing strategic counsel to the largest travel consortia, key retail travel agencies, and industry associations.

“I am delighted to join CCRA in this new endeavor,” added Pincus. “Globalization is not just a catch phrase; it is the direction the world has taken, and CCRA is just the type of forward looking company poised to take advantage of the opportunities that globalization offers the travel industry.  I look forward to spearheading the new CCRA Global Network Division, and joining the CCRA team.”

Summarized Marxen, “Over the past two years, as many travel companies have consolidated, even failed, CCRA has experienced real growth.  Our after-hours call center is now the largest in the US, our hotel program and advertising revenues are trending upward. International expansion is the next logical step for our company.  We are in the final stages of formalizing this new initiative, and we look forward to unveiling the details to our industry in the coming months.”