to focus on Stansted Airport car hire to focus on Stansted Airport car hire

Online car hire comparison site has advised they will be focusing on Stansted airport car hire over the coming weeks as they look to gain a foothold in the online Stansted rental market.  The company from Chelmsford, Essex is a short drive from Stansted airport and shall be releasing updated content and reduced prices with one supplier in the coming weeks.

A spokesmen for the company commented: “with Stansted being in such close proximity to our office we decided it was important to focus on this location, we get a number of customers collecting vehicles from Stansted airport and Chelmsford who come in and collect their confirmations so we wanted to build on this.”

Although the company currently ranks for keywords such as ‘Stansted airport car hire’, ‘Stansted car hire’ and ‘cheap Stansted car hire’, the rankings in search engines such as Google and Bing are fairly low on these keywords with the site ranking on the third page of search results in Google. The spokesmen continued: “the online rental market relies heavily on users visiting their site from search engines such as Google and Bing. We are looking to improve the rank of the Stansted web page as part of this trial and as a means to push the Stansted car rental products we currently offer. The websites URL is extremely generic so it should be fairly easy to get this page into the top 10 in Google but it shall be interest to see what differences changing certain aspects of the site can have.”