Canadian airline grounded over safety fears

Canadian airline grounded over safety fears

Canadian authorities have grounded Quebec-based airline Aeropro following an investigation into its procedures.

Transport Canada took the decision after an audit of the company revealed repeated violations of Canadian aviation legislation.

A federal court judge subsequently upheld the decision, effectively revoking the operating certificate of the airline.

According to the Transport Canada audit there were “significant shortcomings with respect to management and air operations and also with respect to training” at the airline.

Furthermore, “the company is no longer able to show it is operating safely,” added Transport Canada spokesperson Denise Langis.

The incident was sparked by an accident on June 23rd this year, which saw a an Aeropro Beechcraft A100 King Air crash on approach to Jean Lesage International Airport with the loss of seven lives.



However, aviation groups have branded the decision “reactionary” and “overzealous”.

At a news conference in Quebec City, the head of the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC), John McKenna, suggested Transport Canada felt pressured to act because of the media exposure the accident received.

“It wanted to show it was responsive to the population,” McKenna said.

He also attacked Transport Canada for acting before the results of an investigation into the causes of the recent accident was completed.

McKenna was supported by Marco Prud’homme, president of the Association Quebecoise du transport aerien (AQTA), who described the decision as “surprising”.

“The accidents are regrettable, but it’s hard to understand why such exceptional action as a permit revocation was imposed so rapidly on Aeropro,” he added.

Aeropro was founded in 1998 and conducts business charter and recreational flights across the province of Quebec.