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California Rent-A-Car in LA offering great rates for the holidays

California Rent-A-Car in LA offering great rates for the holidays

The American Automobile Association, commonly known as AAA, recently released a report on driving and tourism during the upcoming Fourth of July holiday. They predict 42.3 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from their home during the Independence Day holiday period (which covers July 3rd to July 8th). This is not only an almost 5 percent increase from last year; it’ll also be the highest number over the last decade, tying with 2007. The AAA goes on to say that 84 percent of these vacationers (35.5 million people) will drive.

One of the reasons for this rise in travelers is that average Fourth of July holiday car rental rates have decreased since last year (by 9 percent, according to the AAA). California Rent-A-Car, a Los Angeles luxury car rental company since 1991, is expecting to have a busy holiday period. There are a lot of variables for this year’s Independence Day; as the holiday falls on a Wednesday, some will take time off before, some after, some both. Because of this, Los Angeles customers are turning to smaller chains like California Rent-A-Car due to their advanced flexibility and focus on customer service. For example, the fleet at California Rent-A-Car is incredibly diverse and able to accommodate different renter’s needs. Some travelers will want a larger SUV rental to contain their whole family under one roof. Some will actually downgrade, deciding they don’t need to take their normal car on such a long trip. More excitingly, others will rent a luxury vehicle just to live a little.

Many consumers wonder if a rental could actually end up saving them money. Issues over gas mileage, wear and tear, maintenance, depreciation, and tire health all come into play. It’s definitely possible that, through affordable car rental Los Angeles companies like California Rent-A-Car, a customer can save money by renting a car (especially when hybrid vehicles are concerned). Nonetheless, renting a car provides something more valuable than saving money—calmness. It can be stressful to drive during such a congested time, particularly when you may think that your current vehicle is on its last legs. Perhaps your car is even out of commission (it could need fine tuning or break down last minute before the break). Renting a car is a great temporary solution for a time when you need to travel. California Rent-A-Car works with many body shops and repair facilities to provide great service in situations like these. They’ll pick up and drop off customers and take care of niggling insurance paperwork. Your car can be fixed while you’re on vacation—everyone wins.

July 4th is considered a holiday where lower spending activities (staying inside with family, sightseeing, etc.) reign supreme. Travelers will hunt down a bargain and that’s why they’re turning out in droves to go to California Rent-A-Car. Whether it’s a car rental at LAX or a try before you buy scenario, California Rent-A-Car has the services for any Southern Californian.